Workshop at Eklavya

Title: Making Diwali gift cards and diyas

Date: October 2013

Venue: Eklavya Sports Academy, Ahmedabad

With over 300 participants, the evening was full of life and energy. GIIS and Eklavya Sports Academy organised a fun evening for the kids. From our end, we managed the crafts section where the artisans taught the little kids how to make clay diyas and paint them. For the older ones, Warli painting on cards and ready made diyas were what were on offer.

Title: Learning to host a shadow puppetry show

Date: April 2013

Venue: Shreyas, Ahmedabad


What do you do on a scorching summer day in Ahmedabad? If you are anywhere between 7 and 12 years of age, you head to the cool environs of Shreyas to host your own puppet show. Artisans Thulasi Rao and Gangi Shetty came over for a week to train kids on  how to host their own show. The children made leather puppets of the characters, rehearsed the dialogues and gave some interesting background scores to enact their stories. The venue came alive with stories of Chota Bheem, pokemon and dinosaurs!

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Title: Understanding traditional art, Madhubani and Gond

Date: January 2013

Venue: Craftroots exhibition, Vastrapur Haat, Ahmedabad

The year began wonderfully. Hundreds of kids moved in and out of our workshop every day. It was a great experience to see the tiny tots learning the difference between 2 art forms, interacting with the artisan and pinning up their fish as a matter of pride. Ten days of workshop and about 800 kids attended it in all. The biggest ever for us and we were quite happy with the outcome.

Title: Shadow puppetry workshop for children

Venue: Tharangini, Bangalore

Date: October 2012

Thulasi Rao and his brother spent the weekend with kids. Doing a workshop with children is the most challenging and of course, the most rewarding. While the traditional shadow puppetry artisans from Andhra Pradesh showed the little ones how to make a puppet of their favorite character, they loved every bit of it. The incentive was the wonderful puppet show at the end of the workshop. Set in a picturesque venue, the workshop provided the kids ample space to play and learn.

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Title: Space surface craft workshop (Madhubani painting)

Date: July 2012

Venue: DICRC, Cept University

Working with interior designers, Madhubani got a new life. A usually 2D format got a 3D makeover, thereby creating another dimension to the already gorgeous art.  The students worked with the artisans for over a week. The end result was a 3D structure that was jointly made by both the artisans and the designers.

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Title: Learning Warli basics

Date: April 2012

Venue: Options, Ahmedabad

Duration: 5 days (10 hours in total)

It is never easy to work with a craftsman, even so if the list of participants includes an artist! Crafts being an unorganised sector opens up a plethora of problems. The middlemen have always treated the craftsman badly and have cheated him on various occasions. This makes him very conscious of people working with him. He  takes ages to forge a bond (and when he does eventually, it is quite a strong one!) So when Dilipbhai stepped into the workshop on day 1, my nerves relaxed.

Day after day, little by little, participants learnt the various motifs and structures in a Warli painting. Every day, we looked at a new painting and understood the various elements. Everyday emails were circulated to look at more paintings. It is interesting to note that a seemingly ordinary Warli painting is held together by rules. It doesn’t look that way, right? So at the end of the workshop, our participants went back happy.

Some pictures from our workshop.

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