I had my season’s first mango milkshake yesterday. The ‘Banganapalli‘ totally swept me off to dream land.  To the last day of the exam, as the bell rings signalling the end of the tortuous annual exam, I would look forward to the beautiful summer ahead. Luscious mangoes, loads of books to read (yeah, I was such a bookworm!) and of course, those little crafty things that my mom would indulge us in. I’ve made silly looking paper decorations, painted garrish-looking women (complete with bindi and mogra, like all nice Madras girls would do!) and tried making frozen jam sandwiches.

So this summer along with the wonderful mangoes, I am unveiling my summer kits for children. Long in the making, they’ve turned out great. I’ve seen all those traditional paisleys and flowers doing the rounds in various block printing kits. Somehow, I think imprinting an elephant’s rear or an auto rickshaw is far more an enjoyable activity than doing the same with that intricate looking paisley! If you are a 7 yr old, what do you care about intricacy anyway!

The process is fairly simple and has been detailed out in the kit, step by step. The kit comprises of 2 interesting blocks, two fabric colors (best quality Camlin colors), a sponge for application, a piece of fabric and 2 sheets of paper. The designs are straight out of a child’s imagination.


Here is a glimpse of the what’s in the kit. To buy our range of craft kits for children, click here.

A steaming cup of chai that warms the hand, the welcoming sunshine in the balcony, hot showers and soft comforters. I love the winters! It is sad that it is coming to an end. On the other hand, I think it’s time to gear up for the next season. However much I dread the heat (it hits 45 degrees here), I still can’t wait to put that first piece of mango in my mouth. A few things are good about the summer too! So I decided to beat the heat this year, make some summer friendly changes (more on that soon) and also introduce some light summery curtains.

Think of summers and it’s cotton for me. White clothes with a splash of colour is what I envisage my summer preferences to be. Just white is boring for me. It needs a whiff of colour to perk it up. Same goes with the walls. Most of us live in homes with off white walls. It is a good idea, considering it gives us a canvas to work around with other things. So with that as a base, I decided on curtains that would add that sparkle.

When I had to think of summer, I instinctively thought of lemonade. A glass of lemon juice topped with some fresh mint is my summer dream. Childhood summer tans were removed with a mix of turmeric and curd. Summer vacations spent in the ultra-green Kerala has etched the color in my memory. Food served on banana leaves. I based my first set on these combinations.

Second I have a particular fondness for blue. A blue that merges with the never ending sky, a blue that flows in the limitless ocean, the blue that dusk is made of. Indigo has been part of our traditional printing processes for a long time. Add some red to it and you have the perfect combination of earth and the sky.

Both combinations are perfect for white/off whitish walls. With this in mind, I have zeroed in on Ajrakh, that one fabric that I am in love with. The curtains will be out in a month’s time. That’s how long the 16 step Ajrakh process takes. More on that when the curtains arrive. I really hope you’ll love them! :)

P.S: I put together my color palette with some inspiration online. Some are photographs from my travel, others are from the various blogs, facebook pages and other stuff that I stumble upon. My usual destinations for all inspiration are Etsy, Apartment Therapy, Rang Decor, Artnlight and  a few others that I don’t recollect. For sometime now, Brass Tacks has caught my attention. However much I love the saree, the thought of doing my hundred tasks during the day while wearing it kills me. I like my pair of trousers, I like my shirt (rolled up sleeves and ‘I like to get my hands dirty’ look) and I want to feel comfortable during that important client meeting. And I still want to stay true to my roots. Brass Tacks solves that problem. They use traditional fabrics in making ultra stylish clothes. Their attention to detail is exceptional.