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Unisex Ipad sleeves, handmade Ipad sleeves, Indian ipad sleeves, Ajrakh printed fabric, natural dyes

Made from left over block printed fabric, these Ipad sleeves are chic and practical. Made with natural dyes, the colours and designs are unisex.

L : 10.2 Inches W : 8.3 Inches

Akola is a little village in Udaipur, rarely visited by the throng of people who drown out the main city during the tourist season. In a small workshop in Udaipur, I saw some deep blue fabric being hung out to dry. 


This fabric has been hand-block printed using the resist dyeing process, where the area to be printed (the white portion) is covered with block printed using a resin. The resin protects that area from dyeing. The fabric is then soaked in indigo solution. The other areas of the fabric not covered with resin is dyed blue. On washing, the resin peels off leaving the white area behind as a design. This process is repeated for multiple colours.

On the other hand, the blocks used for printing are made in a tiny village called Pethapur in Gujarat. A center for block making, blocks from here are sourced by block printers in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. 


The blocks are 100 percent hand-carved and are pieces of art themselves. The making of the blocks involve huge calculations and precision, thereby only senior artisans take this up. Owing to the decline in the demand of hand-block printed fabric, the demand for blocks have also decreased. Artisans are moving out to other job opportunities and the younger generation is unwilling to take up this painstaking and low paying job. 


L : 10.2 Inches W : 8.3 Inches

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