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Wall mural, Mata Ni Pachedi, Madhubani
Nisha Vikram
Sanjaybhai Chitara
Client Name : Barot Residence
Location : Ahmedabad, Gujarat
The Canvas :

A Zen garden that opens to the family’s living room and dining area. Centrally located and visible from most parts of the home, this wall is the focal point. 

The Craft :

Mata Ni Pachedi. We adapted thelocal ‘Kalamkari’ art onto the wall. We used a very contemporary colour palette to ensure that the wall blends in with other elements in the home.

Inspiration :

Initially, the garden with its dense foliage seemed an ideal backdrop for a ‘Gond’ deer. Over time, the close-knit family set-up called for a tree of life. The tree symbolized their home that succored them all. 

Challenges :

The wall was outdoors and hence susceptible to the elements. So we had to take care of wall treatments (both pre and post painting) and also choose colours that will stand the test of time. 

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