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Nisha Vikram
Vasantbhai Chitara
Sanjaybhai Chitara
Client Name : Armieda Spa
Location : Ahmedabad, Gujarat
The Canvas :

A tranquil spa, water lilies covering the entire periphery of the building, bright green Neem trees and loads of sunlight

The Craft :

Mata Ni Pachedi from Gujarat. The project had to be completed in a week. There was no time for the ladies in Madhubani to board their one day a week trains to get to Ahmedabad. This turned out to be a blessing when we chose to adapt a ‘Kalamkari’ art solely done on fabrics to the wall. 

Inspiration :

We wanted to bring the lush Neem trees and the entire eco-system indoors. The branches sway with the wind; the birds fly into and out of them and we added a resplendent peacock to complete the effect.

Challenges :

It took us 3 days to set-up a scaffolding mechanism that was easy enough to be assembled and dismantled everyday. The spa was functional and we had work only in the night and clear up the area before the clients came in. 

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